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  • Why All Doctors Are Deficient

    Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNAs, etc., etc. are ethically deficient because they do not reasonably protect the physical privacy (modesty [sexual clothedness]) of people by reasonably restricting matters of physical privacy to the appropriate gender. For example, emergency rooms should have female medical people to take care of women and male medical people to […]

  • Why Doctors Are Morally Stupid

    Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, etc., etc. are morally stupid because they only look at the fact that they are being clinical (emotionally detached) when they see a patient partially or fully nude.  They do not consider that their patients aren’t necessarily being clinical and may be hypersensitive about modesty.  Once again, the medical […]

  • Male Gynecologists

    While all doctors are ethically deficient, among the worst of the ethically deficient doctors are male gynecologists.

  • Why “Staff Shortage” Is No Excuse

    Hospitals will say, “We had to have a male professional remove the female patient’s clothes because there were no female professionals around and we had to have a female professional remove the male patient’s clothes because there were no male professionals around.”  What a bunch of moral morons!  It is a hospital’s duty to be […]

  • Boycott “Lazy Hospitals”

    A lazy hospital is one that does not pay attention to details.  For example, the blinds in the bathroom have gaps that allow people to see in while you sit on the toilet.  What a bunch of moral morons!